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We've also appeared on our local telly station "KCPT" when some of us helped out at a fundraiser to help keep the station from airing such great British programmes as: As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, Mulberry, Are You Being Served ?.,,,,,,,

We also get Free film passes to various British film premieres, so we get to have fun at those.

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Our first meeting

2nd Meeting

Meet the Walkers

Christmas Luncheon 2006

2nd Year Anniversary Luncheon (No Tree Huggers Allowed)

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Open House at Doherty & Sullivan's

Dinner at The Gaf

4th Year Club Anniversary Afternoon Tea at The Intercontinental Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri

St. Patrick's Day Buffet at Caenen Castle, 14th March 2009

English Breakfast at the Speedway Grill, Bonner Springs, KS
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Sunday Roast at The Frontier Steakhouse, Kansas City, KS
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St. George's Day celebration at MarBon Cafe, Kansas City, MO
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State Relations. The Scottish & The Englishman

1st Brit's International Club Car Boot Sale. 
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Fish"n"Chips by Kevin at O'Bryan's Irish Pub, Woods Chapel Road, Lees Summit, MIssouri.

Miniature Golf at Coolcrest.. July 2009

Mar Bon Cafe, 25th July 2009

Bombay Palace, Lees Summit.. 22nd August 2009

Mad Hatter's Tea Party at Madame Hatter's Tea room, Bonner Springs, Kansas. 13th March 2010

Dinner at The Gaf, Kansas City, Missouri

Dinner at Stephenson's Santa Fe Inn, 27th April 2010

Brit's International Tea Party at Anna Marie's, 29th May 2010

Lunch at the Fox & Hounds, Overland Park, Kansas

Lunch at Memories Tearoom, Blue Springs 2nd April 2011

Sunday Brunch at Lidia's, Kansas City. 17th April 2011

Patio Sale at Waxy O'Shea's Irish Pub, Shawnee, Kansas
Rain stopped play

Madame Hatters, Bonner Springs, KS 4th June 2011

Car Boot Sale & British Car Show at Big Boy Burger, 40 Highway, Independence, Missouri 25th June 2011

The Gaf Irish Pub, Kansas City, Missouri
24th September 2011

Halloween Party at Sue & Bill's place 29th October 2011

DBE British Faire 2011

Vintage Car Museum Tour May 2013

Henry's Tearoom, Lees Summit Missouri. 1st June 2013

Fox & Hounds, Overland Park, Kansas. 13th June 2013

Taj Mahal, Kansas City, Missouri. 18th June 2013

Last Lunch at Greenwood Tearoom before They Close
22nd June 2013

Lidia's for Saturday Brunch. 13th July 2013

Wet The Royal Baby's Head Lunch with Fox 4 News at the Fox & Hounds, Overland Park, KS. Friday 2nd August 2013

Lunch at The Rheinland, Independence, Missouri. Saturday 3rd August 2013

Andre's Suisse Chocolate Factory Tour. Saturday 7th September 2013.  Check out their video >>>

Sunday Brunch at Ophelia's on Independence Square on 24th November 2013

Christmas get together at LIdia's in Kansas City on Saturday 7th December 2013.
We had the crackers there too, including the ones we pulled.

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Maybe all will look next time..
A great time had by all...
This is what happens when you make fun of the  President. You get logged on camera...
Our ol' chariot awaits....HEY!, who nicked the horse ?...
How is it places clear out when we get in them...That car park was full when we got there...
Anyone for a cruise ?
Looks like we'll have to paddle...
Blimey it was dark in there...
Ann & Frank
Frank No: 1
Evyn...Not bad for a shot that I wasn't even looking...
Picture added just for Frank..
F = Frank
D = David
M = Margaret
W = Wendy
R = Ray
Wendy still thinks she won as she had the most
Picture added just for Frank..
Karen with Thistle
Meet Thistle the chicken
Evyn with Thistle
An eclipse of Frank
The group
Good to see you all here
Another fun meeting at
I knew I'd get in the picture somehow....
Thistle...Can't I get some kip...
OAre you happy I'm posing ?......
David found a hat.
Delving for something to wear.
Found it!!
The apprentice  chauffeur.
Jesse with baby Lyla
Margaret & Frank
Lets all look away from the camera....
Margaret & Frank with Ann, and Katherine
Selena in the driver's seat...
Selena in the driver's seat...
All enjoying a good ol' chat...
Never mind the camera
Caught you Kay & Margaret..
Emma enoying the tea.
The elusive Del...See he does exist..

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Wow...Tulsa in a shirt & tie.. This is a first...
Pwetty flower pot.
Going up for thirds FRank ?.
Helen, and Ann.
So Swett. David & Sheila.
Rasberries to you Britney.
So pwetty in pink favourite brother in law.
Ruby Renee up to skulldaggery.
Looking coolMr. Riley.
Allana & David.
The Cereal Killer.
Alana finds a friend..
Witchy Sue.
Gentleman Ulissa. The costume winner of thenight.
Tulsa Read
The Raspberry blowers....
Terry Elton the Magician with Tulsa Read the harmonica player.
Some of the crew nattering..
Ray with Terry.
Ray, Tulsa, and Terry.
Al, Tulsa, and Terry
I think our server who took this picture had been sampling the wine list.
Having a great laugh, and lots of chats.
Inside Lidia's Kansas City restaurant.
Inside Lidia's Kansas City restaurant.
Inside Lidia's Kansas City restaurant.
Part of the patio garden at Lidia's restaurant.
The calm before the British invasion....
Group shot of whole tour group.
Looking all alone, and needing someone to give it a new home...
That's one big choccie bar...
$250,000 machine designed to make the truffles.
The gang's all here except for the one that got away....
Ruby Renee
Lunch at RC's restaurant in Martin City, MO - 22nd June 2014