Christmas Luncheon 2006
The Christmas luncheon turned out to be a great success with meeting up with both new and existing members of the club.
The lunch was great as usual from the folks at The Greenwood Tearoom.
Nothing unusual there as always pretty good there.

As usual I was picked upon by our local Kansasin Irish person.. Must remember to put extra padding on when she's about, and as usual I was innocent, so not sure why I got battered yet again.

Wendy as usual was easily persuaded to help out with me being beat again. Where did the love go ?.

Chris, one of our newest members from Wembley, NW London originally, and now residing in Raytown was there. Great to meet you Chris.

Also, Shaun and his family.
Also new to the club.
Hailing from Yorkshire originally.
The wee Anna was a very well behaved young bairn.
Quite happily showing off her twinkling boots to us all.
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Wendy, Anita, Neil, Anna, Shaun, Chris, Sheila, and David
Anna posing for a picture
Anna acting shy
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