Brit's International is a Kansas City based British club that was started by a local lad from London, England and with help of another good British friend have developed this local club for the local Brit's of the Kansas City area.

The plan for this site is to bring Brit's around the world together, but for now we're concentrating on our new local area.
As we get more Brit's around the worl involved in this site we will seek out new new members in the local areas.

It may sound daft to some of us, but it gets to be a bit lonely here when you first descend upon a strange land, and especially one that is so vast in land and with people that have trouble in understanding you or just want to hear you babble on just to hear your accent that you never knew you even had before.
Thats it, I've been through it and the only way that I can certainly describe it is, it's just like being a baby in larger body with trying to ferry your way through all the new things around you.
It can certainly be a hard thing to overcome for some, but with help from those who know what you're going through it can be a whole lot easier.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about us or the site.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to have you as a member of our club soon.

                               Just another Brit...........