Previous Car Boot Sales

Below are some pictures, and details of our previous car boot sales.
These sales are a great time to get together with fellow club members as well as have a chance to makre some monies, and make some new friends.
We've had a lot of fun being at these sales, and we're looking forward to scheduling many more.
Feel free to call us for details on our next sale 816 600 7276, and to book your spot, or click HERE to see details of the next sale.
As time goes on we will be adding more to the sales with a British transport show.
All items are allowed to be sold at the event with the exception of: items of an adult nature, firearms, and alcolhol.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these.

1st Car Boot Sale. CLICK HERE

2nd Sale: Sunday 2nd May 2010 at the Marbon Cafe

A great time had by all as usual.
Not a lot of sellers came to this one as a lot of events going on around the area that day, but we had quite a few visitors stop by, and buy from us all there.
The London Taxi was there, and a surprise of a 1970 Mini 1000cc turned up with Bentley the Pug bouncing around on the Union Jack clad back seat.
Click on the pictures below to see a larger image.
1970 Austin Mini 1000cc1970 Austin Mini 1000cc1970 Austin Mini 1000cc1970 Austin Mini 1000ccJust getting started before the crowds..Good grief it's early!!Not many around this early on a Sunday morning....It's amazing what you see in Kansas City nowadays...Bentley all puffed out guarding the cars...
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