1st Brit's International 
Car Boot Sale
Hosted at The MarBon Classic Cafe

Our first car boot sale went off extremely well. 
We had great feedback from both buyers, and sellers at the event, so we're looking forward to organizing our next sale which will actually now be on Sunday 30th August.

I'd like to say thank you to all those that participated in the event with not only turning up to sell, but to those who helped with setting up .

The ladies at the Marbon Cafe did extremely well for the day, and were there bright, and early to setup for us all.
Our next sale will also be held at the cafe, so another chance to grab some homemade food, and some of those delicious malts & shakes.

We were happy to see a couple of cats from the Foxwood Animal rescue centre show themselves off. Both "Whiskers", and "Sir Elton" behaved very well, and I'm sure happy to receive some attention.
Thank you to Margaret, and Frank escorting both cats to the event.
We hope they've both found nice homes by now (the cats, not the escorts)...

We had a great array of people selling goods there including Evyn with her wonderful personalized handmade clay figures.
She is fast working on getting new figures to sell at the next sale, and you'll also be able to have yourself, or whomever made into a wee clay model at the event while you wait.
If she gets busy then you will also be able to order from there.
You'll see some pictures of her work in some of the pictures below, and she is currently working on a website, so you can can see her portfolio etc...

Among the the traders at the event we had the following arrive, and we hope to see you all at the next sale:

Doherty & Sullivan's Irish Goods

Club Wellness

Neil Ryall. Voice Talent & Actor

Twist & Click. Handmade Wood Pens & Scroll Saw Items
Email Bill & Kay for details: twist-and-click@comcast.net

RW Designs. 24kt Gold Plated Harmonicas

Duane Porter author ofthe "Molly O'Malley Trilogy"

The event was great, and with all the help from the local media for promotion as well as various local shops we did have a fairly good turnout for oyur first time at doing this.

The day could've been a wee bit cooler, but we were lucky that it had cooled a wee bit than the previous day.
However, it was all fun.

Hopefully next time we'll have the local British car club turn up,

Click below to get on the Car Boot Sale email list, and we'll let you know when we'll be having each one.

Thanks for your interest.


Brit's International Club Founder.
816 600 7276

Click on the images below to see them larger.
Little Ray made by Evyn
Wendy guarding her stall
Chuck boozing it up
Chuck from Doherty & Sullivan's, Lees Summit, Missouri..www.dsirish.com
Julie from Club Wellness...www.marketamerica.com/clubwellness
Margeret & Frank showing  the flag
The search is on...
Anyone for a dance....
Neil, and Kay...Sorry to disturb your gabbing...
No more press please...
Nows my chance to have a go...Can I fit in it ?....
The Mini's back....
Pwetty in pink....
Ann at the Twist & Click stand. Handmade wooden pens, and scroll saw items...See them at the next sale...
Everyone's clearing up it appears....
Just a wee chat.....
As usual, I'm last to pack up...
The wee chat goes on....
and on.....
Doherty & Sullian's Booth....www.dsirish.com
How much junk do I have ?......
You can never hide from Wendy's camera Evyn.....
Big Ray, and Little Ray
Me, and Me again
Little Ray
and Little me again....