Meet The Walkers

After a few weeks of correspondence between myself and Stuart we finally got to meet with him, David, and some of our club members.

Stuart and David have been walking since  early June of 2006 from the East coast of the USA, camping and being taken in by perfect strangers along their journey until finally arriving in Kansas City, Missouri for a well earned rest.

We all first met at the Fox & Hound's tavern in Independence, Missouri.
After a few beverages and a few hours of banter we all descended upon a great little Indian restaurant just a few blocks away "Bollywood".
A warm welcome there along with more beverages, food and some great tales told by the two lads themselves..

We hope to meet up with the lads when they return to Kansas City in April 2007 to begin the last leg of their journey after having to give up for this year due to weather conditions becoming a bit trecherous further into their journey towards Colorado.

Click here to learn more about Stuart and David's journey across the USA.
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The Gang's Nearly all Here.
Deb, Stuart & David
All The Fun Happening this end of the table with Frank  & Margaret
Stuart, David, and Wendy trying to hide.
All say CHEESE, and look this way....or not..
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