Tear Drops for a Tree Drop
(2nd Anniversary Luncheon)

The club's anniversary meeting sure went off well.
We had a great turnout of club members at the Queen's Pantry, Leavenworth, Kansas on 31st March.
We even had  one succeeding in crashing the party, there's always one I guess..

We all had a great laugh and some good conversation as well as some good food as usual from the British run tearoom.

I guess we must've laughed a little too loudly as we appeared to gain a party crasher towards the end of the meeting.
In fact, it ended the meeting rather rapidly.

Talk about bring the house down, well luckily it wasn't the tearoom that got taken down, but certainly not great news for the owners of the Chevrolet Yukon sitting outside as we witnessed a tree fall and bounce off the back of it.
Just a few feet from where we were all sitting inside the tearoom.

Shock of seeing that happen for Wendy and I soon turned a few unmentionable words wondering how Wendy's car was as it was parked behind the Yukon.

Feel free to take a look at the pictures below and see what we found on the car.

The Yukon was a mess as you can see although it didn't seem to keep the owners away from their lunch as they saw it and went back into eat.
Must've been an insurance broker or just have a darn good lunch.

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So tightly wedged the tree limb looks under there.
You could barely fit a piece of paper between the limb and the car's fron't spoiler, but there wasn't a darn mark on the car.
Nothing from the tree at all.
Talk about a tree hugger!!
Just a wee bit rotten
The thud of this landing shook the tearoom's kitchen just a wee bit. Just a foot away from the kitchen's door.
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